The List

  1. to travel
  2. be in shape
  3. have some savings
  4. be in a relationship
  5. go to the Big Sur
  6. go to Joshua Tree
  7. have a job that allows me to travel
  8. not sit at a desk for 5 days a week for 8 hours a day
  9. go to Thailand
  10. go to Vietnam
  11. if I have a house have bees
  12. have a garden or at least plants
  13. go for a month long trip
  14. go sailing
  15. convert a van into a house
  16. if that I want to travel the US
  17. drink fantastic beers from everywhere
  18. drink wonderful cocktails
  19. eat amazing vegan food
  20. stay true to my values
  21. not eat meat
  22. be happy
  23. be with someone that I can be unapologetically myself with
  24. date more
  25. climb outside
  26. learn to boulder
  27. fill a notebook/journal
  28. quit working a “nine to five”
  29. write more
  30. follow my passions
  31. make those passions my job or at least pursue them
  32. add solar power to my life
  33. reduce my footprint
  34. date someone for them and love them for them
  35. be me
  36. don’t apologize
  37. pay off student loans
  38. pay off car
  39. do things by myself
  40. fo for my wants and not others
  41. et my beetle tattoo
  42. after beetle tattoo don’t go back to kyla for another tattoo
  43. read more
  44. finish the beer bible
  45. finish the wine bible
  46. start a beer blog/ instagram
  47. let loose
  48. stop caring about what others think
  49. Its okay not to want the “american dream”
  50. it’s also okay to want it
  51. get a pet
  52. be nice to my body
  53. eat when I’m hungry
  54. finally become tidy
  55. travel
  56. go on an epic road trip
  57. take a look outside
  58. go see the northern lights
  59. do that stupid youtube channel
  60. if you go after something it will eventually something will pay off