Day 11,

Today I went to work, got my hair cut, cried because I hate my haircut, slept with chef, and then cried because I saw my haircut again/ slept with chef. 

Work: Today I arrived at work, parked, walked in realized I had to get through Monday only to be told I’m training someone. Why in gods name would they have me train someone? I’ve only worked there for 4 weeks maybe 3 weeks. To top it off she has a higher position than me. She thankfully left at 3:30 and I was actually able to do work. 

Haircut: To start this off me not thinking thought the place I got my haircut had moved locations and my hairstylist left. So this is kinda my fault. Then I arrive and realize I’m at the wrong spot, wrong spot as I just didn’t book my hair appointment where I thought I had. So my stylist starts cutting my hair and goes around once. Then goes to measure it, when they pull each side of the hair around your face, and she fucked it. Then she starts cutting more and more off. I should have left then and there. I had mermaid long hair and asked for it to be cleaned up. I now have barley touching my shoulders school teacher hair. It’s hideous. 

Chef: Chef came home from his cabin today and I hadnt seen him in about a week. We have been texting everyday. He calls me babe, says that he likes me, I feel like I’m getting played. “We” are using each other for sex and I need to stop it. 

Currently: I’m eating ramen, crying, and wondering if Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash will get together. 

❤ Paige

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