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Day 6

Day 6,

While I may sometimes be the skinniest in the room, or I may be the fattest. I may sometimes be loud one. I may be the tallest who loves to wear heels. I sometimes am the awkward one. I may be a lot of things but at least I’m me. And I may be depressed and have ptsd but at least I’m me. I’m imperfect , kinda lazy, and I love myself. I love being me and I don’t think many people can say that. I’m alone and single but fuck I love myself and love who I am most of the days. I’m imperfect and fucked up. I’ve been the crazy ex girlfriend and the great friends with benefits.  I’m apologetically me.   I love my tummy and my nose. My wonderful ability to just not give a fuck sometimes and the fact that I don’t try to be something I’m not, I get the tattoos I want, I wear what I want, and I sometimes look like shit but fuck it happens and I while I still may look like shit,  I don’t care.

I love the few that read this,



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